For over a decade now, I have dedicated my life to Personal Growth & Self-improvement to continue becoming a BOLDER version of myself and pushing my mind to CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION towards my ultimate dream of serving 33 Million others and inspiring them through personalised & powerful deep coaching transformations, which transcends across their Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional realms.

If I can go from a young, super SHY INTROVERT, to today being an AMBIVERT where I’m fully in control of my thoughts & actions, then I believe anyone else who wants it bad enough, CAN too.


My Growth Mindset journey started at the tender age of 21, on the 12th September 2014 precisely at 5:33:18 pm in London when I met a friend for hot chocolate (who made me write down the date and time) and then he introduced me to the life changing world of Personal/Self Development.

The rest was history…

After just over 1 year of self educating and healing, becoming somewhat confident in myself, I decided to stop being so SELFISH with the knowledge I obtained and started creating videos online to help spread the wisdom reach others. That’s when ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ was born and ever since, I have never missed posting a single video every Wednesday till date.


It was from that day onwards when I completely left behind the old ‘gamer’ version of myself and never stoped learning, growing and overcoming my FEARS and INSECURITIES, one day at a time.

The biggest one being CONFIDENCE toward effectively communicating with others, especially women! (Yes, I was that shy and worried about other people’s opinions big time!). I spent over 4 years trying to grow an online e-commerce business but with little success, however massive learnings, until I found my true purpose in coaching & speaking so I started spreading my naturally high ENERGY on stages across the UK.

Then, giving my first ever TEDx Talk in early 2020 sharing my story and encouraging others to CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION (CTA) in life and then to find their own inner CONFIDENCE towards their dreams, aspirations and goals without ever losing hope or belief.

Some of the key important life skills that I also mastered through this journey, which I now Coach & Guide my clients with 1|1 are:

– Interconnecting Spirituality with Business

– Igniting the Powerful Inner Voice Within

– Gaining Confidence & Influencing People

– Overcoming Social Anxiety

– Psychology of Sales in Business

– Psychology of Human Behaviour

– Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs

– Healing From Past Traumas

– Mental Toughness & Resilience

– Overcoming Fear of Rejection

– Building Healthy Habits

– Optimizing Productivity

– Prioritizing Self Care (mind/body/soul)

– Servant Leadership

– Digital Marketing in a Ever-Changing World

– Social Media | Content Creation | Video Editing

– Optimizing Personal Brands

– Simple Steps to Setup & Run a Podcast

In a nut-shell, that’s ME! If you’re still reading until here, I hope this was able to give you a brief insight into my journey  and life so far. This is how I plan on SERVING others with as much VALUE as I humanly can to make sure they obtain the results they truly seek within their Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional & Business endeavours.